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Church Media Worship is Dedicated to helping you fulfill your calling to Serve God. We offer Bible Stories images in order to engage your audience more. Using proven audio and visual aides to enhance the worship experience.

Church Media Worship is Dedicated to helping you fulfill your calling to Serve God.


The main stories of the Bible PRODUCTS


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Consequently We offer 1000,s of Bible Stories Images Videos and Music to Choose from.

As a result, we offer 1000,s of Bible Stories images, Music, and videos all centered around Bible Stories. Thus enhance the message and worship with content that can help you engage more. In like manner, with the Attention spans in our Youth, we must engage more with the use of visual and audio aides. The Use of Media is not the Word of God nor does it replace the need to hear the message inspired by the Spirit. It however is a powerful tool to prepare those to receive the teaching their soul needs. It can also serve as a means to “echo” the word of God within their soul. Therefore, It is no surprise that the use of visual and audio tools is found in every growing Church today.


With this in mind, Bible Stories Images Videos and Music Topics

Also Included in Bible Stories Images Videos and Music Topics include:

  • Creation Genesis 1
  • The Fall (Adam and Eve) Genesis 3
  • Noah and the Flood Genesis 6
  • The Tower of Babel Genesis 11
  • The Call of Abram Genesis 12
  • God makes promises to Abraham Genesis 15
  • The Birth of Isaac Genesis 21
  • Abraham tested Genesis 22
  • Isaac and Rebekah Genesis 24
  • Jacob and Esau Genesis 25
  • Jacob’s children Genesis 29
  • Joseph sold by his brothers Genesis 37
  • Joseph in Egypt Genesis 39
  • Israel in slavery in Egypt Exodus 1
  • The birth of Moses Exodus 2
  • Moses and the Burning Bush Exodus 3
  • The Ten Plagues Exodus 7
  • God rescues Israel from Egypt Exodus 12
  • God gives the Ten Commandments Exodus 20
  • Israel enters the Promised Land (Joshua) Joshua 1
  • Israel ruled by judges (Gideon, Deborah, Samson, etc.) Judges 1
  • Ruth Marries Boaz Ruth 1
  • Israel gets its first king (Saul) 1 Samuel 9
  • David is anointed king 1 Samuel 16
  • David and Goliath 1 Samuel 17
  • David becomes king 2 Samuel 5
  • Solomon becomes king 1 Kings 1
  • Wisdom of Solomon 1 Kings 4
  • Kings rule (mostly bad) for 345 years 1 Kings 13
  • Prophets warn Israel of God’s coming punishment on the nation
  • Exile, conquered by Assyria/Babylon 2 Kings 17
  • Many Israelites return to Israel to rebuild the demolished land and temple Ezra 1, 6
  • Lots of waiting fthe “new covenant,” which the prophets promised Isaiah to Malachi
  • Jesus is born Matthew 1 and Luke 2
  • Baptism of Jesus Matthew 3; Mark 1; and Luke 3
  • Temptation of Jesus Matthew 4; Mark 1; and Luke 4
  • Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5
  • The Transfiguration Matthew 17; Mark 9; and Luke 9
  • Jesus Affirms he is the Son of God John 9
  • The Triumphal Entry Matthew 21; Mark 11; Luke 19; and John 12
  • The Last Supper Matthew 26; Mark 14; Luke 22; and John 13
  • Jesus’ Betrayal, Trial, Crucifixion Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; and John 18
  • Jesus’ Resurrection Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; and John 20
  • The Ascension Acts 1
  • The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost Acts 2
  • The church’s first martyr Acts 6
  • Saul’s Conversion Acts 9
  • The growth of the church, The book of Acts
  • John’s Revelation on Patmos The book of Revelation


You may also consider these Christian Presentation Software’s:

  • Easy Worship. Obviously, like it’s name, it is very easy to use. However because of the ease of use there are limitations. Therefore it is good for someone starting out.
  • Pro Presenter. To summarize, this software is the most used. Then not as easy to use as Easy Worship. However, not as many features as Media Shout.
  • Media Shout. As a result of having the most features, a lot of training is required. However it has a powerful multi screen setup that allows for different presentations on different screens.

Then again, If you are looking for a specific hymn. Or you therefore want to change the lyrics on the Singalong. Despite your needs, we can make corrections for the most part free of charge.