One-time sale of Usage Rights. The Selling or Gifting the Rights to use your material.

For those of you who do not have an interest in running a store, we may also be interested in buying the rights to sell our products on our website.


These are not exclusive rights so you do not hand the whole property over to us, but you however:


  1. Do give us permission to sell it on our website and you waive all future profits. We maintain the right to use until we choose to no longer use it, there is no recanting these rights.
  2. Allow us to adjust or enhance for use on the screens. This includes usage or a combination of usage in other videos or products we create.
  3. We can watermark, use or post on any of our websites, blogs, sub websites, or Social Media pages. Bottom line, we maintain the right to add onto it or adjust or use as we maintain the right to use as we see fit.
  4. Offer your product as a free gift via email newsletter or on the website.


We offer a one-time fee based on the type of product you have, the topic, and the average sales we have. If interested we will assess your property, and offer you what that product would make in sales for 1 year based on similar products we have on our site.

Example, If a similar video makes us $120 in annual sales, this would be our offer to you for the rights to sell. On the other hand, some of our background images only average $4 a year in sales, and that would then be our offer if your image was similar. This is not intended to devalue the importance of your material, but please understand, we have to also look at marketing and sales trends.  Again, we are offering the right for use to use, but not exclusivity, so it is still your property to market elsewhere. We will make payment via PayPal, Payza, Check or bank transfer after we agree on the terms.


Gifting your Material to spread the Gospel

If you choose to gift your material in order to spread the work of God, this also is important to us. Knowing that our price point is $1 to $15 per product, we are more focused on spreading the Gospel than a one-time sale. Hoping that the volume of products will help us to sustain our lives. Therefore, we appreciate the gift to use, if you see fit to offer it to us.


Thanks for your interest in Serving Christ through your gift of creativity.