Relaxing Christian Instrumental

Church Media Worship offers Relaxing Christian Instrumental of different styles and topics. You can listen while meditating or use as background music for a Christian event. All come in HD mp3 format with Instant downloads

Silver Bells Christian Instrumental Silver


My God And I (Dedicated to John F Seebeck-Grandpa) Christian Instrumental


Christian themed Instrumental music for any occasion or mood

Relaxing Christian Music for different occasions.  You can listen while meditating or use as background music for a Christian event. All come in HD mp3 format with Instant downloads.

  • Relaxing Instrumental themed Music
  • For moments of reflection and meditation.
  • Great for creating a peaceful environment then for bible studies or spiritual studies
  • Therefore set the right tone over Religious events
  • High Quality MP3 together with Enhanced instrumentation.
  • Arranged, recorded, and then Mastered for great sound
  • Orchestral versions of up to 21o Instruments
  • Gospel versions Both old school and moderns
  • Contemporary modern style versions sing today’s mixing and mastering techniques to produce high quality sound

Healthy Christian Living through Music

Music soothes the beast within all of us. Proper music can take us a step further in our spiritual understanding. Therefore God granted us a mind and a free will to dig deep into the truth of it all. With an open heart and mind, we can see God;s work in all our facets of life. It provides a cleaner focus and a more positive outlook even in our darkest hours.It can even physically lead to a healthier mind.  Therefore Reflection Prayer and meditation are key essential ingredients to maintaining a healthy faith and a healthy body.

Of course there are times where life is not so simple. We get bogged down with so much stress we forget to take time to meditate. Getting back to a prayer life that was once strong sometimes takes smaller steps. Music is the Echo of God. It is a form of a prayer to our Heavenly Father. An old Hymn from many years ago is titles “Take time to be Holy” One of my favorites from years past. As much as I like the song, in today’s world it is Different. We must “MAKE TIME TO BE HOLY”

Instrumental Music that is based on Christ

We focus on arrangements of both contemporary and traditional styles. Our philosophy is to Build for our future but Honor our past. Not to our Youth that may seem a little too old-fashioned while to a traditional thinker, that may be too modern. We cannot forget the sacrifices of the Forefathers of our faith. Within their sacrifice contains so many lessons that we must apply to our lives. This is true with music too. On the other hand, we cannot dwell in the past. Times do change but the Great miracle is that what Jesus taught us still can be applied to today’s modern lifestyle.

Music to Listen to

These arrangements are based on melodies that you may know but they do not always allow the ability to sing along too. Some arrangements use modern styles of repeating and are more artist and move around a lot. If you are looking for music to sing a long to, please visit our Christian Background Music for accompaniment music.

In Conclusion, Church Media Worship is dedicated to offering Music content to enhance the work of God within the soul and within the church. It is designed to strengthen the Word and the message. To capture the attention of the membership more and to create a deeper understanding of the gospel. We also seek other artists who also carry that passion to Serve God using their gifts, so feel free to reach out if you would like to be a part of the team. There may be other topics and ideas that we have not yet included. Please put other uses for this music in the comments or email us directly. Dedicated to Helping you fulfill your calling to Serve God.