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Church Media Worship offers Solo sheet music arrangements )2 part) of many classic hymns and around many Christian topics and styles. Add variety and enhance the message so you can engage more. Dedicated to helping you fulfill your calling to Serve God. Using proven audio and visual aides and variety to enhance the Solo sheet music arrangements experience.

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Consequently We offer 100’s of Solo sheet music arrangements Images Videos and Music to Choose from.

As a result, we offer 100’s of Solo sheet music arrangements with practice music track CD’s and mp3’s. This helps your group be better prepared and learn faster. Thus enhance the message and Solo sheet music arrangements with content that can help you engage more. In like manner, with the Attention spans in our Youth, we must engage more with the use of visual and audio aides. The Use of Media and Variety is not the Word of God nor does it replace the need to hear the message inspired by the Spirit. It however is a powerful tool to prepare those to receive the teaching their soul needs. It can also serve as a means to “echo” the word of God within their soul. Therefore, It is no surprise that the use of visual and audio tools or a variety of traditional classics is found in every growing Church today.

With this in mind, Solo sheet music arrangements Images Videos and Music Topics

All of these arrangements are created from the original hymn for the traditional music. :

Or it is a variation of an artist hymn that they made. Each comes with practice music that you can email or create practice CD’s so that you can learn the music in a more timely manner. For hymns that are copyrighted, we first seek permission to arrange for different choirs. For the music that is public domain, that is music with no copyright on it, we do our best to verify it through Common licensing protocols. Though the classic hymns are public domain and free for any person to use, the arrangement and the chord sequences of the arrangement rightfully belong to the artist that arranged it.
Then again, If you are looking for a specific hymn. Or you therefore want to change the lyrics on the Singalong. Despite your needs, we can make corrections for the most part free of charge.